Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Morning Angels

This is cool. No wait, this is beyond cool. Kudos beribu-ribu kali to our dear LMK for coming up with this awesome idea. A class blog. And why didn't we think about this earlier?

Anyway, I can't really blog much now as a Physics test beckons. I just wanted to say how much I love the idea. The idea of all of us contributing to this little place we call

And now for a spanking new hot layout?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Afterthought - Hold up


Rethinking what I have posted, it would seem discriminatory to open a blog exclusively for Intanians of 2006 when we are more united as "Georgians", loving not just our classmates, but many types of wackos out of class. Besides, our life in SGGS was ultimately affected by the collective number of students in the school, and not simply limited to one single class.

So perhaps on certain instances, we could allow our neighbours to blog as visitors to the blog (so they'd have to begin the post with the word, "Visitor" or "Intruder" before their names/initials).

In any case, the 4 Intanians of 2006 rock (hehe).

Knock Knock - Point of Initiation


Selamat datang, first and foremost, to ex-inhabitants of the classroom on the 3rd floor of Block H in St. George's Girls' School!

This may seem extremely spontaneous, but as I was reviewing the facebook group, I realised we didn't have an active website as yet (our Info Page only says, "http://Coming http:// SOon!").

Also, most people do not check facebook (I wonder who that could be) as much as they spy on...err.. I mean, read each other's blogs.

Additionally, most of you have tried blogging before so you can understand how effective it is at getting people to check on updates now and then so long as the blog is continually updated. This is way better than the facebook group where we're not notified of any recent group wall comments or posted items.

The facebook group will still be used and may serve its purpose, but for a full package of updates and shared discussions amongst fellow Intanians, we could post things up on this blog. Perhaps we could use this blog for memories' sake where we post up anecdotes and stories of our Form 4 times, and then the facebook group can be used for reunion ideas and other events. Or it could simply be about everyday issues in Penang, even, and how growing up and being educated in a Penang school like SGGS has affected you in your maturity as a growing adult. What do you think?

In any case, I like this blog. I have my mind brimming with ideas already (can you just see the st(r)eam of ideas faraway in the sky? That's coming from me!)!

There are photos to post (of 2006 & even 2007). And we could use this blog as our portal where we Intanians share our past or current experiences, stories 'of the good old days', and pictures we've taken before. And when you start a blog post, always begin with your names (or initials, if you like), like how I've done for this post. That way, we can identify who posted what.

Can you picture it? For example, one post could be about the time Mr. Faizal taught us English and strummed his guitar to the Scorpion's Under the Same Sun with photos and videos as illustrations.

This shall be like a virtual time capsule, except that we are constantly adding new blogposts to this one. Hey, maybe we could make it like a project, where by 2017 (10 years after being in 4 Intan), we'll stop blogging on this page. And reread all our posts. Or something. Celebrate our anniversary at the same time. Who knows?

So, Intanians, blog away! Make it interesting, make it C-RaZY, make it fun!

(Note: Just don't publish a one-word post or anything insubstantial, like "I saw a bird. The End". If you are agitated and extremely compelled to do this, do so on a personal blog and not a community-based one like this! Much appreciated!)

I am very vely excited! Happy blogging, guys!

And Qis, I am not emo!