Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Being A Blog Author

Hey all,

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I Was Reminded

I thought I'd post something here, seeing as I've just been revisited by George's great ghost.

It was a few hours ago that I was reminded to look up something in our senior year's school magazine, and decided to leaf through it as a break from Biology's several explanations on the mechanisms of impulse transmission across a synapse (influx of Calcium ions, blah blah blah).

And just going through it, my mind became flooded with the myriad of memories long kept somewhere in the dusty treasure chest at the back of my mind; almost forgotten and long silenced.

Can you remember the school mornings when you could have just anyone to talk to, from any class, just sit there and chat, and knowing that even if you were dreading that day, you'd still have that many people with you?

Can you remember recess and all that stupid jokes and our somewhat amateur take at national and school politics?

Can you remember skipping classes?

Can you picture the classrooms, and you, sitting there with your companion next to you, hate it or love it, and you, talking to the person at the other end of the classroom?

You, sharing a joke with the teacher and the class.

Laughing till you really cried.

Hugging a friend. (Or more)

Walking in the corridor and just being that carefree person that you are.

Going for silly society meetings or school outings, but laughing and talking a lot (too much, even).

Photographs and photographs and taking never-enough photographs, because there's no other way to remind ourselves of our youths, save these, writings and our slowly deteorating memory.

Can you remember loving SGGS so much, knowing that regardless of the unnecessary honours or bitching our school gets, we owe our memorable teenage years to the people we've met here, and that uniting bond that has brought us all together?

As I reached the "Graduating Seniors" page, I caught a glimpse of the word on the subcover, "It's the beginning of our lives" or something along the lines, and I thought, 'How funny'.

Perhaps in Form 5, we all thought that this was just the start - you know, going out into the 'real world' (whatever that means to Georgians), leaving Form 5, leaving school. Perhaps we thought that the road beyond 2007 would be the most amazing and flourishing times of our lives. And you know what, maybe we were right.

But it can't be the start. Hey, I'm pretty sure my journey included that proud clock tower, that crazy bunch of friends I've met, and the even crazier teachers guarding the school, and I bet it's the same for you, too.

I've learnt a lot from the people here - I've learn to voice out my opinions and communicate ideas, to lead, to laugh so very hard (oh you guys), to love (friends!), to cry, even, in front of friends, to share, to explore many possibilities and interests, and to appreciate.

Here's to the years in St. George's that has altered us in many ways. And here's to never ever forgetting them no matter what road we've taken or will be taking.

Though the destination is years and experiences away from our gaze, the journey began a long time ago.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey Diamonds, I know this is kinda late but head on over to my blog for a birthday tribute to our dear LMK.

Happy Birthday girl.