Saturday, March 14, 2009

The dawn of a new day

Hey Fellow 4 Intanians!
How ya all doin'?

FYI I'm still alive and well, learning how to scrub in and wear a surgical cap.
I think this is a fantastic blog created by our fantastic 'future president' Liani
Felt like reminding everyone we had closed a chapter and began a new one.
But we can always re-read our book.

So this blog can be a medium to reminisce at the means of the chapter we are in right now.
Absolutely brilliant.

As much as a hypocrite I am for not posting that often on blogs (mine included) I do encourage everyone to keep in touch this way or another.

Thus, beginning of a new day, it's alright to look back at the past and laugh, cry and let go of the bad and ugly,welcome the great times we had together.

Because it is your high school friends that will be your friends for a lifetime.



P/S: we should get more blog links for other Intanians if they have one :)

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