Tuesday, April 7, 2009

December Holiday!

I don't want to put my initials. It is erm...nevermind. LOL.
I'm sure most of you know why....


Hey buddies!

I have got updates regarding the trip we so-called plan for coming December. Up till now there has been no confirmation of anything. And quite a while ago, Carol has told me that she can't make it in December.

So girls....honestly, I think we are too ambitious in our previous plan. We may still be traveling within Malaysia, but we still got to think of the cost. Our plan is not exactly cheap either. And I doubt I myself can save enough for that trip. [need money for new handphone to replace my pathetic one...sudah rosak...T.T ]

Besides, this is our very FIRST road trip. I hope there are more to come. I think it should be better is we choose ONE venue. Makes planning much easier and more realistic too.

The question is what kind of trip are most of us interested in? The thing that would pop into your mind would be "as long as it is fun". No, that is not the answer. Adventure with Nature? Sea? Beach? Mountains? Or Theme Park? Please please let me know.

Now, I was thinking of Nature. LOL.

Snorkelling? I really had a fun time in Redang. But in December [monsoon season], we should opt for Pulau Payar in Langkawi. I have a friend staying on Langkawi that might be able to help me with the bookings if you guys are interested. =] And there are other places in Langkawi that we can go like the Mat Chinchang Cable Car and there is a GeoPark too.

Pulau Pangkor should be great too.

Cameron Highlands?

Taman Negara? There is a package. 3days/2night or even 4days/3nights.

Just one place fellas. Lets decide fast.

Feedback feedback. =]


  1. Yeah one place would be better for now. Haha. I think the islands are cool. So it's a choice between Pangkor and Langkawi. What about you guys?

  2. oooh I'm leaning more towards Langkawi, because we have a lot of islands and villages to visit there anyway.

    And you're right, we do have to start planning on the accommodation, etc.

  3. But definitely not Taman Negara.

    I'm imagining nature/beach fun (cycling, volleyball, picnic, sleeping under the stars, pangkor/langkawi, and if there is one, hiking),

    and somewhere far from the malls, video games galore and any form of technology distractions that we are so very fond of in the city.

    Let's make the most of our time together!

  4. Oh and I love your initials, sab! Heh

  5. I can't say for sure if I can join you guys in December as I haven't gotten my timetable yet. I do hope I can though =)

    I agree with Sab. It is definitely easier to plan. I think Langkawi would be fun *thinks dark chocolates* =D

  6. oooh i'm game with anything! never been to Langkawi pun! okokok Langkawi!!

  7. Haha! Okok. Its official then! We shall go to Langkawi! *whispers* though I have been there a thousand times.... >.< but it'll definitely be MORE MORE FUN with you guys. Teeheee.....

    Evonne, ya...Island = sun + beach + sea..ahhhh

    Liani....you may love it but I wont use it la...hahahhaha >.<

    Christine! If you can't make it, we'll buy lots off chocolates (dark wans of coz) for you! xD

    Qistina, LOL! I'll be your tour guide. xD

    So people! Lets find out all we can about Langkawi. Like where we can stay, visit and rent car and all that. =]

  8. You know what...I'll put up another post soon about it. LOL.