Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Intan Photoshoot Collection 2006

At last! We all knew it was about time this got mentioned, so here it is - behold! You, reader, are about to view our famous 2006 class photoshoots!

Hold on to your seats. (: It's been awhile since we have revisited the beautiful memories of 2006, but it's never too easy to dash out that memory of numerous captures we've had, is it now? These photos have their own significances and holds testimony to the uniqueness and greatness embedded in the souls of the Legends of 4 Intan.

Seriously, though, I'm just trying to say I love you guys for having such wonderful personalities and humour. In true intanian appreciation, I say, you guys ROCK.

I hope you'll enjoy the brilliant masterpieces of 4I 2006 which I've pasted here for your viewing/reading pleasure. Contributions and comments are always welcomed!


The Early Picture

This particular photo marked the dawn of a career our Intan protégés partook. The model here, seen aptly holding a card depicting her crime.. err... I mean dilemma, will eventually be the wonderful official 4I make-up artist. A great start, no?

And so it began

Group Shots
The Stars of 4 Intan 2006

Thus, the ideas and photo collection grew. Here we highlight a few of our very own Intan celebrities. Really now, what class has Ronald MacDonald standing next to a curry puff-haired Elvis? Only in 4 Intan, man, only in 4 Intan.

Desperate Classmates

It is important to note that the Desperate Classmates from Macalister Lane are actually fellow Georgians where students are concurrently faced with Add Maths mysteries and History scandals. Oh-ho, and you thought you'd seen it all in that spin-off tv series they call Desperate Housewives. Poof!

From Right
: The super-skilled sweeper with a deadly burp (many scandals, this one), the hungry activist (not communist! shh), the hungrier klutz whose laughter is a mystery on its own, the culprit who ate all the recess food, the hairless-armpit being from somewhere, the other being who's in it on the Add Maths mystery, and the only innocent person in this picture. She could be the detective investigating it all.

Just to make it clear, ABC television copied us!

Good vs. Evil

This photo was actually our last one taken that year, remember? It was taken on the last day of school. It portrays the ongoing internal debates an Intanian has had to withstand between Good and Evil. Of course, more often than not, we follow Jeslyn... I mean, our Evil side.

But we're nice people... Right?

The Legends
One of the most important segments (and also our last part) of our class photoshoots is the individual photos. We don't have every one of our classmates here, though, but we will soon enough!

Chrisdolf Hitler

Ada Poppins

Sherilyn Bonaparte (who led the French Fries Revolution)

Mona Evonne

N.B. Mona Evonne is actually the great inspiration for Mona Lisa (which Da Vinci painted after time-travelling to 2006), but enough about him. The question is, is Mona Evonne smiling in this painting? We will never know...


N.B. Qisro burns fire from all parts. Ignition comes from the mouth, hands, and the (oops a little fart!).


N.B. Tareeni's alter ego is the great phoenix, which, unfortunately, can be a drawback as noted from the second picture. Oh well.

The Indefatigable Spidermodel

Count Sabine

Count Sabine & Count Caroline (the count-erpart)

Mrs. Bean Ruth

She's not a 4 Intanian, but we had to include her in our photoshoot simply because she played a mighty role as Mrs. Bean, so there you go.

So that's that!

I know there are never enough words one can use to elucidate the oneness that was/is 4 Intan of 2006. The photo sessions were really meaningful, and I'm absolutely grateful for the spritely and CRAZY nature of all of you.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the collection of photos. I mean, I definitely did, collecting them and going through them once again! I can almost detect laughter ringing in my ears. It makes me miss you lot even more, you know? But that's one of the reasons we've started this blog, right? To share the memories we've had together. So I've taken this opportunity to post the photos up and make you laugh and cry about the past, but also face the new day with a better spirit (to spread the Intan love)! Haw haw, I hope that was soppy enough. Thank you, peeps!

Credits (in alphabetical order):
- Evonne (Ideas/Artist)
- Jeslyn (Ideas/Make-up Artist)
- Liani (Ideas/Photographer)
- Sherilyn (Ideas/Ada's brilliant file-holder)

- Tareeni (Ideas/Artist)


  1. OMG SERIOUSLY LIANI! I can't rmb the last time i really laugh like this :) I've totally completely forgottten the existence of these pictures!!!!!!


  2. I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Thanks so much for making my day. =)

    You're the bomb.

  3. WOW! OMG! Happy times wei! xD
    Thanks for the reminder Liani!

    You made my Sunday. =]

  4. forgot to credit the "models" hahahahha

  5. Ooh I have more photos (albeit not the official photosessions with the blackboard and all but still!).

    They will be posted in due time. :D

    P/S I Love you all too!!

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